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11/7/2017 · The Westone UM Pro 30 in-ear headphones are expensive, but they’re easily some of the best earbuds I’ve used. Great for music! The Westone UM Pro 30 IEM Review BeastMade Reviews Loading Unsubscribe from BeastMade Review

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10/12/2013 · UM Pro 30 next to W40 for comparison Of course, just the looks and comfort will not be enough to justify its price tag without a sound to back it up. UM Pro 30 has a well balanced warm sound signature with smooth clear details and enhanced mid-bass


Pro 30內部搭載的是Westone最擅長的平衡電樞式單體(Balanced Armature),而且一口氣用了3只,採3路分音設計。從半透明的塑膠耳機殼看進去,可以發現其中一個電樞特別大,應該是負責低頻,另外兩個比較小的並排在一起

自從上次入手Westone UM Pro 10,就很喜歡他們家的聲音,於是最近又升級了XD。這次要跟大家開箱分享的是Westone UM Pro 30,一款非常優秀設計給舞台監聽使用的三單體耳機! UM的全名是Universal Series,與W系列的主要區別是設計給舞台監聽的

類型:入耳式, 插頭:3.5mm, 比較 Westone UM PRO 30 價格,查看詳細規格、用家意見、相關情報及二手買賣,安心訂購產品享折扣優惠及購物保障


類型:入耳式, 插頭:3.5mm, 比較 Westone UM PRO 30 價格,查看詳細規格、用家意見、相關情報及二手買賣,安心訂購產品享折扣優惠及購物保障


29/8/2017 · Westone 的耳機不斷力求多變,今年就為 UM Pro 系列作出全面更新,共有 4 個不同型號,由單動鐵至 5 動鐵不等。外觀和換線插頭經過重新設計和改良之餘,筆者發現調聲取向都大不同。今次一口氣借齊 4 款逐一試聽,並分享一下

1/3/2019 · Everyone knows we love the Westone UM Pro 30 from the review we did, so it would make sense that we would like the Um Pro 50 even more, right? Well, to be honest, we weren’t sure at first so we decided to give them some time and see what it was that didn’t


艾域自己一直偏好美國耳機品牌 Westone 的產品,早前該品牌之最新通用入耳式耳機 AM Pro 系列正式抵港,艾域亦借得該系列的高階型號 AM Pro 30,究竟這款耳機有何特色?特有的 SLED 技術又是甚麼呢?立即為各位 Wire 民揭曉。

Everyone knows we love the Westone UM Pro 30 from the review we did, so it would make sense that we would like the Um Pro 50 even more, right? Well, to be honest, we weren’t sure at first so we decided to give them some time and see what it was that didn’t

Review of Westone AM Pro 30 triple BA driver IEM. The cable. Similar to UM Pro series you only get Epic audio cable, while G2 remote cable (found with W-series) was not included. With AM Pro intended to be used during stage performance rather than using

Over twenty years ago, Westone changed the way music is performed with the introduction of the world’s first universal-fit balanced-armature in-ear musicians’ monitors. Our most popular In-Ear Musicians Monitor, the UM Pro 30 features three, pr

Westone’s UM Pro series is known for its decent sound isolating feature, making the user be able to concentrate entirely on certain instruments or vocals. The triple-driver version of the UM Pro series is the UM Pro 30. Meanwhile, Shure has SE535 as its

在實際使用上,UM PRO 30 在經過Westone的輕量化設計後,配戴起來相當輕盈,外加上完全嵌入耳殼的外型設計,整體配戴穩定度相當優秀,新式設計的可調整彈性耳掛也提供良好的配戴感,EPIC雙絞纏繞導線也有效抑制麥克風效應;綜合來說,我們對於

Westone AM Pro 30 Review The AM Pro 30 comes with all the fixings of your regular Westone earphone. There’s a simple braided cable, as well as bunch of eartips (both memory foam and silicon), and there’s even a Westone earphone vault in there.

全新的UM Pro整個系列的機身全採用Westone True-Fit專有技術,並提升及符合人體工學設計所帶來的舒適感,可讓耳機更貼合用家耳內,即使長時間使用都不易疲累。

In this review, we compare Westone UM Pro 30 and Shure SE535headphones according to their specifications. Which one is better? this comparison will help you decide. In this article we put head to head Westone UM Pro 30 and Shure SE535 headphones

Westone Music – UM Pro Series products Westone Laboratories 2235 Executive Circle Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906, USA P.O. Box 15100 Colorado

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UM Pro 30採3音路3單體設計,內部搭載了3只新的樓式(Knowles)平衡電樞單體,從透明外殼看進去可以發現有1只單體特別大,應該是用來負責低音頻段,另外2只單體在上方,分別負責中、高音頻段重播。頻率響應20Hz~18kHz,阻抗56歐姆

29/1/2014 · UM Pro30 review: Firstly I would like to thank David at Westone EU for sending me this sample for review, I will try to write as honest a review possible. These received over 50hrs of burn-in, no noticeable differences were noted. From what I have gathered, these are

Review of Westone UM Pro 30 Earphones By Jeff Browand – Commercial Pilot I was eagerly anticipating the opportunity to test the UM Pro 30earphones. I have previously worn the UM Pro 10s and was looking forward to hearing this model with three drivers from

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2/8/2016 · Westone UM PRO 10 In Ear Monitor Review JS Creative Studios Recording || Producing || Photography || Cinematography Tutorial Production and Video Post-Production: Stephen Thomas.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Westone UM Pro30 High Performance Triple Driver Universal Fit Earphones-Green, 78394, Pro 30 at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Westone UM Pro 20 vs UM Pro 30 – Which one to choose? What is the difference? We break down the each and make a decision so you don’t have to.

18/2/2014 · 而今天要介紹的 Westone UM PRO 30 是UM系列UM3X / UM3X RC的昇級版本,同樣傳承著三平衡電樞單體 + 三路分音的設計,並且在外觀設計和耳機導線接頭上,進行更加合理的改善和美化,使得這個原來就備受好評的耳機,有了更加優良的品質和同樣優秀的

趙宇為作品 – 威士頓 Westone UM Pro 30入耳式動鐵耳機測評報告 威士頓UM系列在2013年9月迎來更新,在一個多月前Soomal測評了UM Pro 10單單元動鐵耳機[下文同類命名簡寫為UM10]。按照命名規則雙單元、三單元和首款五單元動鐵分別對應,UM20、UM30和

Westone UM Pro 30 In-Ear Headphones UM Pro Series Westone UM Pro30 In-Ear Headphones: The Westone UM Pro30 In-Ear Headphone was designed for the on-stage musician to isolate specific instruments or vocals, as well as provide hearing protection

24/2/2014 · WESTONE 曾在 CES 2014 發佈的 UM PRO 50 五單元旗艦級耳機近月已經到港,只有 5 千價位非常超值,相信各位耳機發燒友都想了解多點。今次我們就請來耳機達人阿樂與大家分享一下試聽評測。 可否簡介一下UM PRO 50? UM Pro 50 採用三路

Westone ES/UM Pro Replacement Cable, 52 inches Be the first to review this product HK$549.00 Add to Cart-25% Add to Wish List Add to Compare

AM Pro 30 next to UM Pro 50. Conclusion. Despite AM Pro 30 product description as designed for stage musicians, I approached this review with an open mind to test their performance on a “stage” of the everyday life. By design, they are not suppose to give

By Meredith Browand I was looking forward to reviewing the UM PRO 10 and anticipated a clear sound that brought my favorite music to life. I wasn’t disappointed. I listened primarily to a country music Pandora station and a “Piano Guys” album. These are fairly

The new and improved UM Pro 30 features three proprietary balanced-armature drivers and a three-way passive crossover in an even more ergonomic and durable form factor. Each driver is designed to reproduce a specific part of the freq

The new and improved triple driver balanced armature design has the range and raw output for any stage or instrument. Product successfully added to your shopping cart

Westone UM Pro 30 的價格降低后我們將會給您發送郵件。. Price alerts are only available for registered members. Not a member yet? Sign up here.

26/10/2019 · 2-Way in-ear earphones For live use, 1 x Bass driver, 1 x Midrange driver, 1 x Tweeter, 124 dB SPL, 20 – 18,000 Hz, Impedance: 56 Ohm, Up to 25 dB of ambient noise absorption, Black detachable cable with angled 3.5 mm


The new and improved dual driver, UM Pro 20 features two proprietary balanced-armature drivers, with a two-way passive crossover in an even more ergonomic and durable form factor. Developed to reproduce a large and enveloping sound, the UM Pro 20 has the

In this review we test the Westone UM Pro 30headphones, analysing its features and specifications, comparing them to other headphones, is it the right headphones for you? this is what we will find out in this review.

20/2/2016 · 除了單純的外盒變精細外,UM PRO 30的外盒也提供布質拉把,相較於先前Westone的粗獷美式作風,在這些小細節上新的UM PRO 30也難得講究起來了,這對買家而言是一個好現象。 側翻掀開磁性黏貼的外盒後,可以看到耳機本體被厚實的泡棉穩穩地固定住