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However, The Impossible Project, which saved Polaroid 600 instant film, is trying to save peel-apart packfilm as well. Florian “Doc” Kaps, founder of The Impossible Project, went to Japan to meet with Fujifilm in an effort to convince the company to allow The

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29/6/2016 · Further Impossible has no financial resourses at the moment for such a project. They have already hard times to improve their own product line. My shop for FP100C was sold out within one day and the question is: Can we get some new delivery?

13/3/2016 · 上月 Fujifilm 公佈將會停產 FP-100C 即影即有菲林,意味着這個格式的菲林全軍覆沒,令不少人感到惋惜。最近 Impossible 就開始與 Fujifilm 商討辦法挽回這個產品。 Impossible Project 的創辦人 Florian Kaps 於 2013 年離開 Impossible 開設

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18/11/2017 · For having tried a bunch of Polaroid films (FP-100C, SX70, 600 and Spectra) and the Instax Wide, I’d have to agree with you. I like the “Fujifilm effect” on my Wide shots but I’m not as satisfied as I expected before I bought it. I always come back to Polaroid

Top responsesI’ve been using Instax for a little over a year and really love it – the big selling points at the time for me were; It’s cheap ($0.60/shot for the mini and $0.75/shot  read more2 votesHave you considered having your current packfilm camera converted to Instax Wide? Yes it’s the belair back, but you’d at least be using a camera you know  read more2 votes查看全部

26/6/2012 · FUJIFILM FP-100C 3.25 X 4.25 Inches Professional Instant Color Film – 5 Pack Granted, it was expired already, so that might’ve been what gave such a bluish tint to it, and since The Impossible Project pretty much just “recycled” (repackaged) the same pack


13/3/2016 · 最新消息指,Impossible Project 創辦人 Florian Kaps 正動身前往東京,希望盡努力挽救另一經典即影即有相紙! 這位「即影即有愛好者」將於 3月17日與富士開會,希望獲取對方信任、找出解決方案,並且重新考慮如何處置生產工具等。

15/3/2016 · Après Impossible Project, Florian Kaps veut sauver la Fuji FP-100C Aux amoureux d’instantané, rien n’est impossible Par Bruno Labarbere Publié le 15/03/16 à 08h01 Partager : Commenter Fin février, Fujifilm annonçait discrètement sur son site japonais sa

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13/9/2016 · Analog lovers rejoice, those tears you cried for your old friend Fujifilm FP-100c peel-apart packfilm were not in vain! Impossible Project founder Florian ‘Doc’ Kaps has teamed up with Bob Crowley at New55 Film to save the format. Kaps’ mission to save instant packfilm—and his dismay when he

27/2/2018 · Since Fuji FP100c is the last film you are stil able to get why not try some creative transfer with it? You can go with paper, wood and other materials. FOLL

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15/6/2011 · the impossible project tries to get film ready as a replacement for the sx-70 and the 600 polaroids. this is integral film that comes with a battery at the bottom of the cassette which the polaroids need to function. it’s still far away from the old polaroid, but they are

3/3/2016 · Fujifilm Japan has announced that it is to stop production of its FP-100C instant film that enthusiasts use in old Polaroid-type cameras. The film has only been available in the 3.25×4.25in size recently, but it has been keeping vintage cameras clicking since Polaroid

A group called the Impossible Project acquired Polaroid’s old equipment and factory in Enschede, in the Netherlands. On their website they stated: We aim to re-start production of analog instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010. and

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Fujifilm FP-100C is a “peel-apart-type” instant color daylight film that performs extremely well under varied lighting conditions. 10pcs per pack. FP-100C works in any Instant Film camera with an image size of 3.25″ x 4.25″. Its fine grain and rich tonal gradation make

I acquired three packs of Impossible Project B&W Generation 2.0 600 film earlier this year and decided to test them out in a recently acquired Polaroid 600 Business Edition.

First of all, it’s really such a shame Fujifilm decided to stop the production of fp-100c films. Is there any company who want to take over the production? Impossible Project? Anyway, fp-100c is a peel-apart film where you need to peel the paper off the print (as the

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29/10/2019 · FP-100C film has established a new instant film standard for color accuracy, clarity and creative versatility allowing the professional to do test shots that really mean something. ISO 100 FP-100C performs extremely well under a range of lighting,

Le second c’est que Impossible Project propose à terme un film pack 100. J’essaie d’y croire, sans grand conviction. Mais après tout, on peut rêver, la photographie ça sert à ça. • photo : Polaroid 250 et pellicule Fujifilm FP100C (crédit photo : Hervé LE GALL)

In 1973, Polaroid introduced 8×10, a manually-processed large format film which creates photos of incredible quality. It’s more complex than other instant film formats, but there’s nothing like it, which is why we’re still making it today, by hand, with no expense

18/3/2016 · Polaroid 195 & Fuji FP100C by Adam Laws Evening Steve, Hope this correspondence finds you well. It’s been quite some time since I submitted a feature but with the much talked about demise of peel apart film I thought it would be fitting to post my thoughts

Impossible Project Founder and New55 are Saving Peel-Apart Film Apr 25, 2016 Fuji Refuses to Help Keep Packfilm Alive, but There’s Still Hope Mar 18, 2016 Impossible Founder Florian Kaps on His Effort to Save Fuji Packfilm Mar 12, 2016 Impossible Founder

A lot has changed in the last few years regarding the survival of film, photographers are now making direct appeals to manufacturers and gaining support from other shooters in a global effort to save our materials. Perfect examples of this success: Impossible Project

而且購買一部M403R,即可於成為會員,於::mint::享受各種會員優惠,可以“ 會員折扣價”買任何The Impossible Project 相紙! 相紙:適合於Type 100 film,如Polaroid chocolate, sepia, blue, 669, 125i,以及Fuji FP3000b, FP100c等等。

14/3/2016 · 稍早前我们曾报道过富士决定停产FP-100C即拍即影型胶片的新闻,而这也意味着撕拉片时代的终结。不过对于那些崇尚复古的摄影爱好者来说,他们并不希望这种情况发生,不过近日情况开始有了一些转机。据最新消息显示,Impossible Project的创始人Florian

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FP-100c’s ability to produce photos of superb quality makes this film ideal for a range of uses. The sharpness and clarity is near digital in quality, truly the perfection of what Polaroid started so many years ago. Product Features Cameras: Pack Film Type: Color

A Polaroid Macro 5 SLR + Impossible Project PZ680 Using Impossible Project Film in a Mamiya RB67 aka “The Patrick Clarke Method” Using Impossible Project PZ film in a Polaroid 95A The Dreaded SX-70 Whir Drying Fuji FP-100C prints Blog Getting into

The end of Fujifilm FP100C doesn’t make me sad but to run out of instant exposure proofing material does. Pola 55 is without a doubt a great material. Also The Impossible Project and Fujifilm Instax offer instant films in a hugh variety and excellent quality. Why is it

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21/6/2012 · In my previous blog post, I touched briefly on Impossible’s viewfinder article on Patrick Clarke regarding his use of a Mamiya RB67 with Impossible Project film. The article did a great job of explaining how it works and for photography-minded individuals nothing

而且購買一部M403R,即可於成為會員,於::mint::享受各種會員優惠,可以“ 會員折扣價”買任何The Impossible Project 相紙! 相紙:適合於Type 100 film,如Polaroid chocolate, sepia, blue, 669, 125i,以及Fuji FP3000b, FP100c等等。

The Impossible Project Film for Polaroid 600-Type Cameras (Color Film, Color Frame, 2-Pack) Impossible Project 600 Pellicola Bianco & Nero Impossible Project, la Polaroid si rifà il look – THE STYLE Review: Impossible Project I-1 The Future of

14/3/2016 · Impossible Project创始人与富士会面探讨FP-100C 替代方案 来源:新摄影 责编:尤克里里 2016-03-14 早前我们曾报道过富士决定停产FP-100C即拍即影型胶片的新闻,而这也意味着撕拉片时代的终结。不过对于那些崇尚复古的摄影爱好者来说,他们并不

Fuji FP-100c Instant Film has been the only alternative Peel-A-part film available for Polaroid pack film cameras. This type of film said to be better quality and Polaroids original packfilm and for years used to Professionals for Testings during photo shoots.

Spreadin’ the love of Impossible Project Film at Brookhaven College Feb ’13 Time-Lapse Deep Ellum Video How-To Bleaching FP-100C Fuji FP-100C Emulsion/Image Transfer Impossible Project Film: Keeping it Cool A Polaroid Macro 5 SLR + Impossible Project

9/6/2016 · Pour notre duel, nous avons choisi d’un côté le Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 et de l’autre l’Impossible Project I-1. Notez qu’à l’heure actuelle, les données techniques concernant l’I-1 sont pour le moins parcellaires.

« Le site Internet est un site Internet indépendant de la marque Polaroid®, sans vocation commerciale, qui a pour seul objectif de regrouper les passionnés des appareils et des produits de la marque Polaroid®. Polaroid® est une marque

The Impossible Project Spectrum Collection: 100 Instant-Film Postcards The Impossible Project 3,8 von 5 Sternen 3 Karten 14,99 € Fujifilm fp-100 C 8,3 x 10,8 cm Professional Instant Color Film – 5 Pack 4,0 von 5 Sternen 36 299,00 € Weiter

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18/9/2015 · With the only film that Fuji still making is FP-100c (color, 100 speed, 3.25 x 4.25″ film) it wouldn’t do you any good to buy anything but a Fuji 145 back or Polaroid 405 back. 4 x 5″ instant film has all been discontinued. Furthermore Fuji likes to discontinue things