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19/7/2016 · DOOMGUY VS MASTER CHIEF Rap Battle by JT Machinima and TEAMHEADKICK Video Game Songs Gamer Songs Nerdcore Music LYRICS Rap Battle TEAMHEADKICK Category Gaming Show more Show less

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22/7/2016 · 50+ videos Play all Mix – DOOMGUY VS MASTER CHIEF LYRIC VIDEO by JT Music and THK YouTube DOOMGUY VS MASTER CHIEF Rap Battle by JT Music and Teamheadkick – Duration: 4:30. JT Music 4,954,062

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15/5/2016 · I think the Master Chief takes it due to feats, base stats, and the nature of his enemies. The Covenant seems to be more intelligent than the demons, so I think chief has more experience with smart enemies. Also I couldn’t find anything saying the Doom Marine has

Top responsesDoom Guy consistently sprints through the game however I think Chief could run faster than him (but not at all times). Plus his weapons are a lot more  read more96 votesI think the Master Chief takes it due to feats, base stats, and the nature of his enemies. The Covenant seems to be more intelligent than the demons, so I think  read more74 votesI would say depends on if chiefs armour can take a gauss shot, if so chief takes 9/10, if not would say 50/50, here’s reasoning: Doomguy can’t use BFG on chief, in  read more22 votesDoomguy sprints around at full speed and runs almost as fast as a cheetah. He can do this for 15 hours straight. Masterchief rarely messes with opponents  read more15 votesITT People using game feats over lore feats.10 votesDoomguy stomps.4 votes查看全部
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14/9/2018 · Master Chief Vs The Doom Slayer | Prepping for Doom Eternal | Ultimate Match up between Heroes! – Duration: 13:30. Roanoke Gaming 399,245 views 13:30 The FLOOD vs DOOM Demons ft. Roanoke Gaming! Can the

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This gives Master Chief unarmored a lift weight of 1,203 lbs, for his whole body, or in other words, Doomguy’s arm is 10x stronger than Master Chief’s whole body. I have been having trouble finding Master Chief’s strength with his suit, but barring multi-player interactions, his strength seems to be capped at 20,000 lbs, or less than both of Doomguy’s arms, without his suit.

Doomguy, Master Chief vs Deathstroke, Wolverine – Battles
Doomguy, Master Chief vs Black Panther, Batman – Battles

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14/9/2018 · I mean lets be real. We all want to know. But based on on their biology who would be more likely to win in a grudge match between the Master Chief and The Doom Slayer? well Ive Teamed up with Hidden Xperia to

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Episode 18: Master Chief VS Doomguy (Pre-Halo 4 VS Doom 64) Monday Night, Mount Justice The Cave One by one, people arrived ready to see the next episode. Once Wally arrived with Artemis, he started setting up some snacks and drinks. The boy wonder

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Doomguy is the main protagonist of the video game series, Doom, as well as the 2005 movie of the same name. He previously fought Master Chief in the 18th episode of Death Battle, Master Chief VS Doomguy. While most of his origin story is unknown, Doomguy

Master Chief walks over the Doomguy’s corpse and. teabags him, which most students thought was funny. The students clapped for Doomguy’s efforts, even though Bakugo wanted Doomguy to win he was glad his opponent was also very cool, not to mention ”

The battle takes place in Hell. Round 1: Master Chief and Doomguy/Doomslayer have their standard arsenal Round 2: Master Chief and Doomguy/Doom Slayer both have access to all of their arsenal (this includes power ups) Round 3: Round 1 but they both have 1

Master Chief leapt out of the fire, rolling out of the way of the rockets while Doomguy continued to fire. Chief managed to actually grab one of the rockets out of the air and hurled it back at Doomguy, where it exploded at his feet, staggering him back a bit.

Peak humans doing as well lmao. All canon. Master Chief has the back up of Cortanna and the UNSC, or Arbiter as per Halo 3 to beat the foes he fights. Doomguy has always been one man army vs his caliber of foes. Master Chief strength feats = DGs.

Disclaimer: Highschool DXD, Death Battle, Halo, Doom, and anything featured in the episode or this chapter all belongs to their perspective owners. The episode starts. Wiz: When the aliens invade a thousand years from now and our hyper-advanced technology isn’t

R1: Doomguy only has one feat without his armor, that being ripping apart an iron chain with just his arm and smashing a Possessed’s head in, which is pretty good. Chief however trounces him completely in every area, from speed, strength, and hand to hand skill.

Chief would need to reload while Doom Slayer is still filling the air with literal nonstop barrages of plasma, missiles, bullets, etc. Master Chief absolutely would not win a prolongued war of attrition because he cant hold nearly as much weapons/ammunition as

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The Doomguy, commonly known as the Marine and referred to as the Doom Slayer in the rebooted portion of the series, is the protagonist in the Doom video game franchise of first-person shooters created by id Software, and its sequels and spin-off media. He is a space marine dressed in green combat armor who does not speak

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30/1/2019 · The Doom Slayer Vs The Master Chief This will be a battle to the death taking place in New York. Both characters will start off with no weapons. However, all UNSC and all of doom slayer’s weapons are scattered for each character to pickup. We will be using canon

Rules and Conditions Everyone is composite (Including Gear) Doomguy and Duke Nukem are bloodlusted, Samus and Master Chief are in character Samus and Master Chief have full knowledge on each other and their opponents, Doomguy and Duke Nukem only

15/5/2016 · Master Chief takes on the newest version of Doom Guy. Location – Rapture from Bioshock 1 ROUND 1 – Doomguy has a Shotgun and a Heavy Assault Rifle (No Upgrades for either weapon) Master Chief (As of Halo 4) has a Assault Rifle and a Shotgun (Halo 4

Season 1 Episode 12 – The original space marine vs. the most iconic space marine. Who would you rather have fighting on your side? Master Chief or Doomguy? Thank you to

1/3/2015 · Namely the “Deathbattles” (sic) video, which showed DoomGuy being beaten. The two are in a 2km by 2km arena with several buildings, corridors, chest high walls, and places to hide. Both get every weapon available to them, Master Chief with his default

16/3/2016 · Namely the bubble shield and it’s mechanics not working like that. Death Battles has a habit of doing bullshit endings, like they did in the Cloud Vs. Link fight with Link somehow using bombs in the middle of a fight sequence without pulling any out, and making the

I still say Doomguy regardless, unless the answer to “Does Master Chief have vehicles” is “Yes” and Doomguy doesn’t have a fully charged Soul Cube, but depending on the answers to those other questions the difficulty of the fight and the number of times

17/7/2016 · Doomguy Vs Master Chief Rap Battle Lyrics: Forget my real name, just call me the Doom Guy! / I’ve been here 23 years, Chief you’re the new guy! / How many times you ripped me off? I don’t wanna sue ya! / You’re just an

John-117, AKA Master Chief, is the main protagonist of the Halo series. He appeared in the 18th episode of Death Battle, Master Chief VS Doomguy, where he fought against Doomguy from the Doom series. In 2517, John was a six-year-old human living with his

11/10/2013 · Doomguy easily. Doomguy can carry around 8-9 weapons at a time whereas Master Chief can only carry two and most of those weapons are generic and weak in comparison to Doomguy’s. It would only take one shot from Doomguy’s BFG to kill Master Chief.

Master Chief has shields, but they have a tendency to drop very quickly. I suggest that any of Doomguy’s weapons could take out the shield very quickly. In my opinion, their armors are pretty comparable. Doomguy’s is described as indestructible. Master chief’s

Doomguy switches to his super shotgun and fires which knocks Master Chief back near a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle. Doomguy also shot a few barrels which reveals an invulnerability power up. Master Chief grabs the rocket launcher and fires two rockets

Doomguy is the main protagonist of the Doom series. He appeared in the 18th episode of Death Battle, Master Chief VS Doomguy, where he fought against Master Chief from the Halo series. While most of his origin story is unknown, Doomguy was a Space Marine

I just wanna say, the BFG won’t work on chief, it seeks out Argent energy. And chief has none in him. So he won’t be affected by the arcing beams from the BFG projectile. And only harmed by the projectile if he gets hit, which is not happening due to speed.

Episode 18: Master Chief VS Doomguy (Pre-Halo 4 VS Doom 64) New Reading List Vote You won’t be able to read this whole story since Paid Stories aren’t available in your country yet. YOU ARE READING Young Justice Watches Death Battle Fanfiction # # #

27/7/2018 · I’ve always said that, if we’re going by story, Chief is an augmented super human while Doomguy is a normal yet very tough human, so Chief would win. However if we’re going by gameplay, Doomguy is much faster travelling at 2-3x Cheif’s speed and has an arguably

VS Ids Doomguy from Novels, Comics, and Games. Master chief from Comics, Novels, Films, and Games.Doomguy gets his Super Shotgun (Upgraded), Assault

Watch the DEATH BATTLE before it hits YouTube as a Rooster Teeth sponsor: Episode 18 – Halo VS Doom! The original FPS space marine takes on his modern-day successor in a brutal duel to the death! Can Master Chief survive a fight with Doomguy, the man

Really this question. Ok lets look at the biology first .. It’s been confirmed that Doomslayer is Doomguy from the old games. Unarmored he is just human with a blessing that won’t mean shit to Chief. Doomslayer/guy’s height 6.2ft , Weight